Aerodynamic upgrade of
Surface Air Cooled Oil Cooler

Horizon 2020 / Clean Sky JU Call: H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01


Lead Beneficiary UPV | Start Month 1 - End Month 24

Coordination activities

  • To monitor project progress in an efficient manner in order to recognize possible deviations and to manage the contingency plans, reallocating resources when necessary.
  • To achieve transparency and communications across the partners and the Topic Manager.
  • To coordinate activities between WPs.
  • To define specifications and requirements, initial set of inputs and working conditions, and agents to be tested


Lead Beneficiary UPM | Start Month 1 - End Month 4

State of the art & Definition of Numerical Methodology

  • To present the state of the art on this subject.
  • To define (freeze) the numerical methodology for the flow, heat transfer and acoustics.
  • To define the validation plan for numernbcal results and scaled test bench.


Lead Beneficiary UPV | Start Month 4 - End Month 13

Test Facilities

  • To provide final specifications & instrumentations of test facilities
  • To assembly the test facilities and perform first runs with reference heat exchanger


Lead Beneficiary UPV | Start Month 14 - End Month 21

Experimental campaigns (#1, #2, #3, #4)

  • To get complete test matrix with full characterization of the main processes occurring in the system.
  • To test different concept proposals (#1, #2, #3, #4).
  • To perform numerical characterization of those concept proposals and validate results.